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"Among all railroad historic sites anywhere in North America, the Nevada Northern Railway complex at East Ely is—no question in my view—the most complete, most authentic, and best cared-for, bar none. It's a living American treasure and a stand-out one. Historic tracks, original depot and office building, engine house, freight shed, three original steam locomotives, five historic and rare wooden passenger cars, Kennecott diesel engines, sixty early freight cars, working machine shop, foundry-even the coaling tower and water tower that are icons of the site-everything is still there."

—— Wm. Withuhn, Curator, Division of the History of Technology, Smithsonian Institution




High desert in Nevada's Great Basin featuring mountains, canyons, valleys, railroad yard, tunnel, and cuts.



On our fifty-six acres we have forty-nine buildings and structures with the oldest from 1906 to the newest built in the 1970s just before the end of operations. The vast majority of these buildings and structures were constructed between 1906 and 1917.



Operating steam and diesel locomotives; passenger equipment; cabooses; steam and diesel wrecking cranes; boxcars, assorted ore cars and hoppers, tank car; flat cars; rotary snowplow; ballast hoppers.


Daily air service via Great Lakes Airlines through Denver.




Hi Line
Hi Line Cut
Hi Line Mountains
Hi Line South
Hi Line South
Hi Line North
Hi Line
Hi Line
Ore Train
Hi Line
Hi Line Cut
Engine 93 and train
Hi Line Mountains
Lane Fill
Steptoe Valley Train



Coaling Tower
Arriving at East Ely Depot
East Ely Passenger Depot
End of Line
At Mine
Transportation Building
Coaling Bin and Water Tower
Coaling Bin and Water Tower
Steam Wrecking Crane at  RIP Building
Steam Loco at East Ely Depot
Machine Shop/Engine House
Engine House
Trackside Structure
Yard at East Ely
Coach 2 at the Depot
South side of the Depot
Trackside Structure



Wooden Boxcar
Tank Car
Historic Boxcars
Jordan Spreader
Diesel Electric Crane
Steam Wrecking Crane
Diesel Locomotives
Rotary Snowplow
EMD SD-9 No. 204
93 with Caboose
All Aboard!
Steam & Diesel Locos
Steam Loco 40 with Diesel Loco 204
Historic Coach
Coach 5
Steam Locomotives
Steptoe Valley Flyer
93 at Lakawanna



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