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Railroad Reality Week

—Workin' on the railroad—

Spend a week workin' on a National Historic Landmark railroad. Experience what it was like during the golden age of railroading.

You begin by attending our rules and safety training. And yes, you will be tested on the training materials. After training and testing you will rotate through train operations, working in the shop and out on track.

As part of the crew, you will help get a train over up the hill and back again safely. In the shop, you will get hands on experience maintaining the locomotives and cars. It is dirty, oily, greasy work. But without it, trains don’t run. As part of the track crew, you will see up close what it takes to keep the railroad running.

Everything comes together at the end of the week. You are part of the switch crew that needs to move a car from one track to another track in the yard. You’ll rotate through the positions of engineer, brakeman and switchman. The training from the week will now make sense as you couple up and move the car.

At Railroad Reality Week you will have the greatest adventure of your life!!! It’s hands on, intense, and takes you behind the scenes on what it takes to keep a railroad running. Come join us!!!

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Workin' on the Railroad
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