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Oktoberfest 2011

— Saturday, September 17, 2020 —


Ely's Beer Train


The Nevada Northern Railway is pleased to announce the return of our Oktoberfest train featuring a beer and food themed excursion. Scheduled September 17 at 6:30pm, this train will feature fine crafted German beers and genuine-styled German food dishes.

Many a beer appreciator has heard of the annual beer party held in Munich Germany every fall yet few know its history. In October of 1810 Prince Ludwig was married to Princess Therese. In celebration of their matrimony a grand celebration was held at the city gates of Munich. In honor of the new Princess the fields at the gates were named Theresienweise, a name that still exists today. Over the years locals have abbreviated the name to Wies'n. All the citizens of Bavaria were welcomed to the grand celebration and the close of festivities featured horse races. In 1811 the celebration was repeated and an agricultural show was added to celebrate the harvest. The horse races have since been removed from the event but the agriculture show continues every three years to this day. As the fest gained popularity over the year's amusement features were added and participation from local breweries expanded. In 1896 the now familiar beer tents were first setup to protect attendees from unpredictable weather. The festival now runs for 16 days ending on the first Sunday in October. So popular is the event that it is the single largest festival in the world with over six million people in attendance. The festival hall can seat upwards of 90,000 people at a time who in 1997 consumed nearly 6 million liters of beer and wine.

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