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Nevada Northern Railway National Historic District


The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is not your customary museum. There is no display building per se; the museum encompasses a fifty-six acre outdoor National Historic Site containing forty-nine buildings and structures, steam locomotives, electric cars, and over fifty freight cars. In addition to the yard and shops, the museum owns thirty miles of railroad track.

The Nevada Northern Railway is an operating, historical railroad. It is dirty and gritty. It smells of coal smoke, creosote, and sweat. It is noisy at times: locomotive whistle off, cars clang as they are coupled together, and whd and the hooting of the owl that lives in the coal tower. Walking through the museum you can experience firsthand what it took to move a mountain of copper ore.


Map of the East Ely yard

Map of the East Ely yard


You are welcome to experience this firsthand by exploring the museum. Before you start your explorations, take a look at the logo of the Nevada Northern Railway. Prominent on the logo is the motor of the railroad—Safety First. There is a reason for the motto: railroading is dangerous. A moment's inattention can cause serious injuries or death. At one time railroading was the most dangerous occupation in the country. You are welcome to explore what is the best-preserved, standard gauge, short line railroad left in America. As you explore the complex, please remember our motto—Safety First—and these rules:

Safety First -- The Ely Route


1. Stand back at least six feet from any moving equipment.

2. Do not park closer than six feet to any track.

3. Do not climb on any of the equipment.

4. Look both ways when crossing a track; a train could be moving on any track, at any time, and in either direction.

5. Do not enter any of the museum buildings unless museum personnel are present.

6. Do not pick up or move any artifacts that are scattered throughout the museum grounds.

7. There is no smoking allowed on the museum equipment or grounds except in designated smoking areas.

8. Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes and clothing you don't mind getting dirty.

9. If you have a question, be sure to ask the museum staff.

10. Enjoy yourself as you step back in time.


The best place to start your visit to the museum is at the depot where you will find the gift shop and ticket office. Helpful staff members can provide you with a map of the yard, a train schedule, and answer any questions you might have.


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