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The Limited Edition Nevada Northern Railway
Locomotive No. 93 Centennial Coin



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Nevada Northern Railway locomotive 93 has been memorialized in a Commemorative Coin in copper, silver, and gold plate silver. Built in 1909 to haul ore trains, 93 is out of service because of axle problems. This special coin was struck to help fund the repairs. The coin is silver dollar sized and bears the historic CC mintmark. The silver coin (depicted above) contains one ounce of silver.

One side features locomotive 93 in action. The reverse side features it's number plate. This is the first coin that features the locomotives of the Nevada Northern.

This very special Centennial Coin is being struck on the original United States Carson City Mint Coin Press Number 1 located in the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, Nevada. On February 11, 1870, this press struck the first coin bearing the soon-to-be-famous CC mintmark, a Seated Liberty Dollar. For nearly a quarter of a century it was used to strike the larger denomination pieces produced during the years the mint actually produced coins. Today, housed in what was the U.S. Mint in Carson City, the press is used to strike commemorative coins such as our previous Centennial Coin issue and this new coin commemorating Nevada Northern Railway Locomotive No. 93.


Copper     For 77 years, the Nevada Northern Railway hauled copper ore to the smelter and then hauled the refined copper to the interchange with the transcontinental railroad. It is then very appropriate that individuals who contribute at the Active, Family, and Tie levels receive a 100% pure copper Centennial Coin.


Silver     It wasn't just copper than was mined in Ely, but silver too. In fact, so much silver has been mined in Nevada that the nickname of the state is "The Silver State." Individuals who contribute at the Centennial level will receive the Limited Edition Centennial Coin in .999 silver with the famous CC mintmark. This unique keepsake combines the historic appeal of an exclusive commemorative coin and supports the continuation of the steam locomotive program at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum.

Silver Coin Obverse
Silver Coin Reverse


Gold     Mention the word and people will come from all over. Until 1849, there weren't very many people in Nevada. Then gold was discovered in California and the rush was on. In 1869, gold was discovered in White Pine County a short distance away from Ely. These coins are reserved for individuals who contribute at the Patron and Lifetime levels. This exclusive very limited edition 24 karat gold plated Centennial Coin in .999 silver will bear the famous CC mintmark. This elite extraordinary coin will be treasured for years. The golden glow of the coin will remind you of the glow in the firebox and your contribution in keeping the steam locomotives hot.





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